Aujourd'hui avec un bagage en soute je trouve des tarifs AR à 626€ pour 2 personnes (Paris/Heraklion) via la compagnie Transavia. Our plane hadn't even landed. ", Points positifs : "Nothing at all" 6 hours delay." After we paid She looked at the bags as if she knew she was wrong as they were so small it really didn't justify that amount of money. Points négatifs : "We requested for a chicken meal at dinner time but instead my husband and I was served the beef meal. Your so called Muslim meals are not suitable for kids!! It’s simply called Halal otherwise then everyone else’s meals should be called Christian or Jewish meals etc. Il n’y a donc pas de vol direct depuis la France. La cuisine crétoise est réputée pour ses bienfaits sur la santé et, dit-on, sur la longévité ! The staff said it wasn’t that far and no checkpoints to go through - this information was false. Kiwi also didn’t inform us. Certaines difficultés rencontrées avec le site internet faisaient en sorte que la procédure pour obtenir la carte d'embarquement prenait légèrement plus de temps. The first flight was delayed by an hour hence making me lose my second flight. In fact each time I have flown with volotea the airplane hasn't been on time and hasn't even taken off by the time the flight was scheduled to land! Smooth flight. Very uncomfortable for a 4 hour flight and with an hour delay it was five hours of being a sardine. They separate my husband and I from our children. Points négatifs : "L’équipage pourrait être un peu plus gentil. So much more can be done. Trouvez les meilleures offres de vols de Paris vers Crète avec Jetcost ! Quick and smooth flight and efficient boarding. ", Points positifs : "Price, direct flight" Avec un vol pour Héraklion, vous vous offrez des vacances bien méritées ! Also the carry on requirements are stringent", Points positifs : "On time and soft landing" Idéal pour les musiciens qui doivent transporter un instrument de moyenne ou petite taille avec eux." Points négatifs : "Having more entertaiment", Points positifs : "On time" I will NEVER use Lufthansa again", Points négatifs : "Yo no pude viajar y no tube ni siquiera una remuneración un empleado de luftansa me dijo que no podía viajar Ali mejor por que no le simpatize y le quedó sin viajar y perdiendo dinero tiempo", Points négatifs : "Boarding by rows would avoid people rushing to line up ahead of time. Le plus rapide reste le taxi qui vous y conduit en 10 min pour environ 20 €. Les compagnies qui proposent un vol direct en provenance de France sont : Aegean Airlines, Transavia France, easyJet, Smart Wings, et Volotea. Better to connect somewhere else", Points positifs : "Very explanatory clear and responsive. The budgetness of the company can be annoying at times. The smaller bags didn't even weigh 15 kilos. Terrific attendants as well. There are five of us so 300 euros. Si vous souhaitez partir une semaine ou un week-end vers Thessaloniki, réservez un vol pas cher sur easyJet. If flights get canceled agents should provide us updates as well. ", Points positifs : "Flight was pretty smooth" I emailed and got no response. Points négatifs : "Food options more for vegans. I mentioned multiple times in my email and message that I did not have phone service. We entered the correct date, but somehow we still received flights for 5 days after the date we needed. Une des hôtesses devait être dans un jour compliqué vu qu’elle n’a pas lancé un seul sourire à personne", Points positifs : "Crew was pleasant. ", Points positifs : "Flight was ok once we finally got on the plane. Trouvez des billets d’avion pas chers pour n’importe quelle destination de Crête depuis tous les aéroports de France. Thank you! RyanAir would have been able to fly us the same trip for that alone, with bags! Points négatifs : "Rien à signaler", Points positifs : "We were on business class and boarded directly from the lounge. ", Points positifs : "It was a quick flight." They sent us a voucher for €10 for our next flight. we had a piece of luggage for two. Points négatifs : "See above", Points positifs : "We were sent to Kiwi booking to complete the ticket booking. not nice, rood, when we tried to ask questions at the end told us "bye" and called next. ", Points positifs : "The only saving grace to this whole experience was the woman at the check in counter who was friendly and made small talk while checking our bags." All takes like one hour to get response. ", Points positifs : "What I love the most is the cabin crew through speaker was very funny, breaking the ice by making jokes. Points négatifs : "Vegetarian. Wait in airport no seats then stand in a hot bus move to a hot plane and pay 2.50 for water long after flight started . It’s rediculous that we cant have a decent English breakfast instead you get curry or some form of curry for breakfast, lunch and supper. Liste des résultats BTS 2020 Design communication espace & vol : Paris-Créteil-Versailles. M" This experience that I experienced at the departing gate was unprecedented, worse than the worse charter flight from a third world country decades ago!!! Départ 19/01/2021 € 141* Départ 30/01/2021 € 141* Départ 31/01/2021 € 141* février. ", Points positifs : "Ground crew and cabin crew were very helpful and efficient", Points positifs : "The crew was nice, friendly and helpful." Also I requested help with transfer to my last flight which was horrendous because I’m one adult with 4 kids ages 1 to 11 and my eldest has sever learning disability. Small, cramped airport(Santorini) with no working men's restroom. Points négatifs : "Our plane was 30 mins late and the terminal was right next to security so we couldn’t hear them when they spoke the English or French on the PA system about us being delayed. CDG display boards rarely up to date. Surprised these crooks don't charge for air. Si votre hôtel y est situé, le taxi pour le rejoindre ne vous coûtera guère plus de 10€ et des lignes de bus régulières desservent différents points de la ville. We left on time and arrived early. Points négatifs : "Everything. It was ridiculous and I will NEVER fly this airline again. No complaints", Points positifs : "Everything in the plane felt new, crew was friendly, efficient. janvier. Nothing remarkable good or bad. Points négatifs : "The bus from the plane to the airport. Easy to follow announcements on connection, punctual and nice aircraft." Rude, irresponsible, talking back to customers when they dared ask them a question, not caring about anything let alone the comfort of the customers, or advising them of status of departure. ", Points positifs : "the flight crew is very kind, the flight has been very pleasant, I'm sure I will be happy to fly with AEGEAN Airlines again" Vols à bas prix de Paris vers Crète. Took well over an hour and got out of control as many people on the flight tried to fight there way to the front. Points négatifs : "Repas très mauvais", Points positifs : "Le vol a été assez agréable. Il est conseillé aux voyageurs de vérifier auprès des autorités grecques les restrictions de quarantaine en vigueur au moment de leur entrée en Grèce.Toutes les autres infosÀ partir du 9 novembre, tous les passagers aériens sortants doivent également soumettre un formulaire de localisation des passagers avant le départ. ; Nous vous invitons à anticiper votre venue à l’aéroport, afin d’accéder à votre avion dans les meilleures conditions. We were stuck at airport for 6 hours trying to contact airline. The self check in kiosks did not work at CDG airport. ", Points positifs : "Cabin crew professional, efficient and pleasant. ", Points positifs : "Staff on board and a great captain." L'île au cœur de la mythologie et du monde Grec vous attend au sortir de votre vol avec son histoire et sa nature fascinantes ! Planifiez facilement votre prochain voyage et faites des économies ! 45 minute delay while waiting to take off. Not a single downside. ", Points positifs : "The food" Aegean then booked me on a flight to Catania (Italy) for a different connection to Malta. "You paid for 1 bag, you will have to pay. ", Points négatifs : "When I arrive to Orly Airport îm waiting 2 hours to the claim baggage for take my luggage, 2 hours late is very not normal...", Points positifs : "That I could finally land in Madrid, actually a quick flight!" Points négatifs : "To much delayed the flight", Points négatifs : "Accent and descent were extremely fast and caused ears extreme pain. Vols d'aujourd'hui Liste de tous les vols de la journée 22/12/2020. At the kiosk they charged us double to check our bags because that's just how that works, even though their website ate our credit card information and didn't give us an ability to pay for luggage before check in online. Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus Les parkings sont ouverts à la réservation pour vous faciliter l'accès en toute sécurité. Then they made me pay 120 Euros and asked me to take the bag out to the plane. Selon les recherches de vols KAYAK, la destination la plus populaire est Héraklion (57% du total des recherches pour Crête). KAYAK parcourt des centaines de sites et vous aide à dénicher un billet pas cher et à trouver le vol qu’il vous faut. if I thought I'd ever get it I'd be demanding my money back.". Encouraged to go to gate very early. Points négatifs : "About 50 minutes late, hard landing, and worst of all they called us for boarding and we went out of the semi-comfortable terminal and STOOD in the HOT sun. Points négatifs : "The boarding representative wasn’t very welcoming and the baggage hold volunteering wasn’t explained fully to passengers, otherwise they’ll volunteer. Points négatifs : "Le check-in online n'était malheureusement pas disponible. ", Points positifs : "Quick and convenient" Points négatifs : "When we checked in my bag was 21 kg and she gave me trouble with that even though we had to pay extra for the bag in the first place. When reclined it's not possible to get out. ", Points positifs : "Simplicity and no headache." It isn't as low cost as it initial appears. ", Points positifs : "The was not confortable" Also, they don't have any chance to change or re-schedule any flight. Trouvez des vols Istanbul (IST) - Paris (PAR) à prix réduit et réservez avec pour remporter des cadeaux grâce à ! Points négatifs : "Honestly, I would consider myself well travelled but after this flight I wanted to rule out air travel from our future plans. Des vols à prix avantageux de Paris à La Canée (Crète) (CDG-CHQ) Dès 124,99 €* Eurowings - réserver ici sur Pas de frais cachés Ils sont répertoriés sur ce site. Depuis Paris, Nantes ou Lyon, vos billets d'avions pour la Crète sur Transavia  vous mèneront sur l'une des plus belles destinations de la Méditerranée. The one easyjet person that we could find had no clue and all he could do was try and hurry everyone up which added to the panic and made it worse. Then we pay and give our tickets and wait. I absolutely will not be using this airline again and certainly would not recommend it to anyone. Points négatifs : "Longue attente au moment de l'embarquement. Beware!!! Points négatifs : "Charles dGaul airport security was redundant and slow. L’embarquement c’était un des plus désorganisés que j’ai vu. ", Points négatifs : "Bag fees for 2 20KG bags were about as much as the ticket, not worth the cramped seats and lack of services. When I got to the plane the men working with the suitcases said my bag was more than capabale of fitting overhead and let me take it up. Delay in immigration check. Des petits bateaux de pêche amarrés le long du port, un passé historique encore bien présent dans toute la ville, la chaîne de montagnes des Lefka Ori veillant sur la ville en arrière-plan: bienvenue à La Canée ! Points négatifs : "I'm not usually one to complain, but this situation was very difficult and even dangerous. We just barely made our connecting flight and our next flight was way better in service. Points négatifs : "Can't think of anything. If we want a water after heat stroke it's 2.50", Points positifs : "Not much cheap airline that get you to book a cheap fare then over charge you on everything else. En raison d’un mouvement social interne à un prestataire de sûreté, les temps d’accès en salle d’embarquement pourraient être plus important, ce dimanche 27 décembre. There was a short delay they kept us informed clearly and responsibly. ", Points positifs : "Our family of 4 flew Bordeaux to Split; 3 of 4 bags arrived as scheduled. So the delay added two hours (plus the flight delay) to my trip home from the airport." Points négatifs : "Volotea is a low cost airline that charges for early seat assignments, printing boarding passes, luggage and drinks on the flight. Regular updates." Points négatifs : "There wasn't an autobus ready to take us from the main terminal in Athens to the plane on the runway. It would be lovely to have a savoury option", Points négatifs : "Well,my whole trip was an adventure! Points négatifs : "The seats werent the best and my seat didnt have a window. Points négatifs : "Not much. Some entertainment options would be nice...", Points positifs : "The speed of the que was not to bad" L’outil de Prédiction des prix KAYAK se base sur un historique des données pour déterminer si le prix pour la destination et les dates recherchées est susceptible de changer au cours des 7 prochains jours, afin d’aider les voyageurs à savoir s’ils doivent attendre ou réserver maintenant. Very basic but ok for a short flight" The whole experience has made me decide to never use them ever again. Also had an ozo en route. The flight was an hour and a half delayed. Kiwi is of no help as well. Horaires Arrivées & Départs à l'aéroport Paris-Orly. But, to be fair, they do warn you in advance about this. Points négatifs : "seat was so hard", Points positifs : "The flight was most excellently attended from Paris to Crete. ", Points positifs : "The crew was ok. Great seats" Nice comfortable as can be flight." Unacceptable to buy your snacks/drinks?!?? À la sortie de l’aéroport d’Héraklion, franchissez le parking, vous apercevrez sur la gauche une boutique et un arrêt de bus. We missed our flight. ", Points positifs : "Travel is good and comfortable" Bought a new one with BA. I already performed the check in online. GR : il y a 36 581 cas actifs de COVID-19 diagnostiqués et 4 507 décès en date du 26 déc. ", Points positifs : "Everything was fine apart from the delay in flying out. If they would have checked it in that would have saved 15 minutes easily", Points positifs : "Cree was fantastic from check in to boarding" Parcourez les horaires et le prix des vols de Istanbul à Paris et réservez sur pour économiser jusqu'à 55 %. Les 3 principaux aéroports en Crète sont ceux de La Canée (CHQ) à l’ouest, d’Héraklion (HER) au centre et de Sitía (JSH) à l’est. ", Points positifs : "Flight was on time" Le trajet de Pékin à Paris couvre une distance de 8217. You have 2 groups but board them all at the same time well let's say start to board by having us wait outside for 20 minutes in 90 plus heat. The employees of the airline in CDG were receiving contradicting information and letting the passengers know contradicting information. et si vous voulez rapporter de la bonne huile d'olive, il faudra mettre le prix (au moins 10€ le litre). I still don’t know the reason why the flight was delayed because it . But that was my only gripe but that can’t be helped. Any longer would have been difficult. ", Points positifs : "It was a very nice, standard flight. We were very disappointed at the lack of management for the old the young and anyone with slight disabilities. We left with plenty of time to spare, and because no one at the airline mentioned that delays could be a possibility due to this, we ended up missing our flight." their staff all handle carry-on luggage discreetly even when slightly over sized ... Compliments to Volotea. ", Points négatifs : "A delay to unload then reload bags, followed by no in-flight communication of connecting flights, led to a missed connection and an overnight hotel stay. Points négatifs : "Paying to check luggage was a surprise, typically flights allow at least one checked bag unless they are a discount airline like easy jet or Ryan air. aegeian found out that he 1.5! They changed our seats, because they 2 people previous to us were too elder to seat at emergency exit. The representative from Transavia at airport provide absolutely no help. Of course it didn’t fit so we are charged 60 euros!! Bien qu’un grand nombre de touristes transitent par Athènes, beaucoup de compagnies proposent des vols directs pour l’aéroport international d’Héraklion Nìkos Kazantsákis au départ des grandes villes. ", Points positifs : "The staff handled everything really well. Points négatifs : "Very unprofessional service from the lady that checked myself and my friend in. Volotea DID find and deliver the lost bag on the 7th day. ", Points positifs : "Very friendly and efficient cabin crew" We stood out there for 40 minutes. ", Points positifs : "Convenient straight flight to Bordeaux" - Flights delays", Points positifs : "The upgrade to business class was cheap. Concernant le temps de vol, il est d'environ 3h30 aussi bien pour un vol direct Paris La Canée que pour un vol Paris Heraklion. Arrivées et informations en temps réel des vols sur l'aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac. ", Points positifs : "Price was good and the crew were friendly" There was zero communication from the airline about this, and we'd appreciate if the airline could pay for our new airfare and our Uber ride from the train station to the airport. I didn't need much for a 2hr flight. Points négatifs : "Paris airport is extremely passenger unfriendly. Offres de vol de Crète vers Paris. or extra legroom either the plane will still be there when I arrive" ", Points positifs : "On time" Consultez le tableau ci-dessus pour connaître : La distance entre Crète et Paris; La distance entre Crète et Paris There was no supervisor to talk to and no where to file complaints. ", Points négatifs : "Walked a very long way in Frankfurf airport to transfer to another flight. I go to court with this bill", Points négatifs : "For the Athens to Heraklio flight, I'm not sure offering sesame desert (or anything sugary) to tired and hungry travelers is a good idea. ", Points négatifs : "Boarding at Orly airport was unorganized and cluttered. Cabin clean, seats comfortable." The seating was comfortable as we had good leg room as we booked on a premium economy class." This is a kayak issue. Points négatifs : "Waiting at tarmac to board before the plane arrived", Points positifs : "I paid extra for exit row seats (more legroom) and speed boarding, and it was worthwhile. Therefore, each flight from Athens to Mykonos was over $400 each. Boarding was efficient." La fréquence des départs augmente fortement durant la période estivale. Si vous partez en Crète plusieurs jours, prenez au moins une fois le bateau pour vous rendre sur l'une des nombreuses îles alentour ! Once checked in through the gate we had to stand in a cramped fenced off area for more than 30 mins Seating on aeroplane cramped Everything else was good. Vos billets d'avion Paris-La Canée vous mènent à la découverte d’un petit paradis ! Pour des trajets plus rapides, recherchez des itinéraires express. Points négatifs : "We give our tickets to board and they tell us we have to put our purse backpack in our suitcase. Les vols en provenance de Turquie sont suspendus jusqu'au 8 novembre au moins, à l'exception des vols de rapatriement de ressortissants et de résidents grecs et des vols spéciaux commandés par le gouvernement.Les vols en provenance de Catalogne (Espagne) sont suspendus jusqu'au 8 novembre au moins.Les vols à destination de Thessalonique (SKG) sont suspendus jusqu'au 17 novembre au moins.Les voyageurs en provenance d'Albanie et de Macédoine du Nord doivent arriver à Athènes (ATH).Exigences d'entréeTous les voyageurs doivent avoir un certificat médical avec un résultat négatif au test COVID-19 PCR 72 heures avant leur voyage.Tous les voyageurs, à l'exception de ceux qui ne font que transiter par un aéroport grec, doivent remplir un « Formulaire de localisation des passagers (PLF) » 24 heures avant l'enregistrement. Security at Bristol was fairly quick. I told them I wanted to cancel my earlier flight and preferred a refund instead. ", Points positifs : "The security check was fast." Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points négatifs : "Not enough space in the overhead bins", Points positifs : "The staff are always pleasant and cheerful" ", Points négatifs : "We arrived at the airport two hours before the flight and were told we had to pay 30 euro/person (120 euro total) for boarding passes. Paris-Orly: tous les vols sont opérés depuis Orly 1, Orly 3 et Orly 4. Met all my expectations. The bag tag number was entered incorrectly numerous times with different agents over the phone as well as at the airport. So all was happy in the end. Il est donc facile de s'y rendre, cependant, au vu de la situation de la ville, si vous avez une semaine ou plus devant vous, n'hésitez pas à louer une voiture au sortir de votre vol pour la Crète : c'est sans doute le meilleur moyen d'aller à la découverte de l'île.Si vous arrivez à l'aéroport de La Canée (Chania) : à 14 kilomètres du centre, le 2ème aéroport de l'île "Ioannis Daskalogiannis" dispose de tous les services utiles sur place : restauration, points de retrait d'argent, informations touristiques... Côté transport, il vous en coûtera environ 20€ pour vous rendre dans le centre-ville en taxi. ", Points positifs : "on time no hassle" Je pense que le terminal 1 B ´aide pas à ça mais un peu plus de personnel pour diriger les passagers ne serait pas mail. Le billet d’avion aller-retour le moins cher trouvé pour cette route dans les dernières 72 heures s’élève à 99 €. Simple flight. L’équipage très sympathique et souriante. total weight 8.2kg. Points négatifs : "The major slowness and inefficiency to board and the major delays. ", Points négatifs : "We were stuck in the security check and immigration but got to the gate 15 minutes before the flight. As a result, they allowed a line to form for boarding, with all the relevant shoving and pushing, including older people standing and being pushed in line, as the Shy Serv employee went behind the departure desk and THE TIME OF DEPARTURE HAD COME, so it was natural for all to stand up in line thinking they will board, while the ARRIVING PLANE HAD NOT EVEN ARRIVED. La durée du trajet est de 1 h environ. Points négatifs : "Boarding process stinks. Minimal entertainment. ", Points positifs : "Arriving on time." If I pay for a snack can I get some water?" Excellent flight and superb performance. Points négatifs : "U have to pay for water", Points négatifs : "Too warm in airplane at boarding and took to long to cool", Points positifs : "Friendly staff, offered me to move to improve my convenience. Points négatifs : "Itching negative", Points positifs : "Personnel tres souriant. Secondly a mix up at the catering dept like labelling beef meal as chicken should never happen! No entertainment at all. plain was very very old. Aegean customer service reps were extremely unhelpful and made this 10 times more difficult. Si vous souhaitez vous rendre en Grèce, le meilleur moyen d'économiser est d'utiliser le moteur de comparaison Vol Direct. Restrictions d'entréeLa Grèce a restreint l'entrée de tous les voyageurs à l'exception des résidents des pays de l'UE +. After spending 4 days in Paris with all wine it was great to have an IPA on the flight. Really quick." ", Points positifs : "When I booked my ticket from New York to Greece with a 3 day stop over in Paris I should have been told that I would have to pay to check in my luggage from Paris to Greece. Pour vous rendre à Rethymnon, le plus simple est de commander un transfert privé en taxi. Between the c crew and the constant selling and up charges, I would rather pay more for a different company. ", Points positifs : "Staff in the plane and food options" Points négatifs : "Customs clearance que was ridiculous, a massive line that was slow moving. ", Points positifs : "Cheap ticket" ", Points négatifs : "delay in disembarking as well as baggage collection", Points négatifs : "Excessive and undisclosed baggage fees", Points négatifs : "With Kayak I booked Tel Aviv to Malta with 1 hour stop in Athens. Comparaison mensuelle portant sur 20 000 vols en moyenne. Points négatifs : "Not even complimentary tap water offered. Infos Vols, Horaires Avions Arrivées & Départs En Direct à Paris-CDG. We tried to change them at the airport, and after being sent to 2 different ticket counters, we ended up paying an additional $420 to get the flights we needed. ", Points positifs : "Nothing, I won't use that airline never again if posible" ", Points positifs : "Nice light snack and refreshments offered. Not a huge deal. We talked ied WhatsApp Facebook tweeter. Monnaie et coût de la vie : la Grêce faisant partie de la zone euro, vous n'aurez aucun souci à vous faire de ce côté : vous n'aurez ni besoin d'aller dans des bureaux de change, ni de soucis si vous souhaitez retirer de l'argent aux distributeurs. No thanks. I would like to be reimbursed. ", Points négatifs : "I was very irritated and angry about the checking in procedure at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. If we knew about this we would not carry with us any suitcase. ", Points positifs : "Arrived with enough time for me to connect to my international flight." ", Points positifs : "Personnel courtois, professionnel et aimable. Les tarifs sont négociables et la gentillesse des chauffeurs crétois est fortement appréciée. Passeport et formalités : la Grêce étant située dans l'espace Schengen, une carte d'identité ou un passeport valide suffit pour vous rendre en Crète. ", Points positifs : "Embarquement à l’heure Personnel agréable Petite douceur offerte juste après le décollage", Points positifs : "Vol à l’heure, très efficace et personnel très aimable", Points négatifs : "I wish the announcements made in English were easier to understand", Points positifs : "- Crew service was pleasant" Points négatifs : "Travel from Frankfurt to London was quite late start . Points négatifs : "Plane less comfortable than usual. Points négatifs : "Repas", Points positifs : "Aegean Airlines improved a lot for the past six months. Their website had a glitch that didn't allow us to pay ahead of time for checked luggage. ", Points positifs : "Everything was fine, even above expected for low cost airline. Apparently Transavia has "Sky Serv" employees doing their departing gate work, and they are the worse I have encountered in my life. Not even reaching 15 kilos. Flight attendant did everything she could. The flight attendants were professional, very efficient and helpful." Trapped in te plane when they would clearly know that the destination airport would not receive the plane late because of the airport space limitations. Gets you from one stop to the next." A most comfortable and well taken care of flight. Et avion en retard. Points négatifs : "no pre-checkin on my return flight", Points positifs : "I was stranded in Budapest due to weather and was thrilled to find this flight for same day travel, a few hours later and have a decent price!" It took 3 full days for me to get my luggage. If that’s the approach then more people should be there responding WhatsApp comments not like no response within one hour. Points négatifs : "A poor todler who was crying because his ears were hurting. ", Points négatifs : "Free tea & coffee would be ideal", Points négatifs : "Arrivato con 43’ di ritardo da sommarsi 15’ per scala e autobus non presenti . Web site just says checked bags start at 15 euro, actual price was over 50 euro. ", Points négatifs : "the app is that that great, it gets stook. The. I missed a whole vacation day, amassed roaming telephone charges and on top of that missed a reservation for Dinner in the Sky Malta. We payed then she said nothing and angrily told us to speak to customer services and get out of the que as there were more other ppl in line. Points négatifs : "Uncomfortable, no entertainment, have to pay for everything, arrived late, bathroom smelled like pee", Points positifs : "All went well with no interference. In addition I couldn't check in online for this flight and therefore was not told via email that I could at least check in my bags via the internet for s reduced fee. ", Points positifs : "Overall it was great, the fast boarding was efficient. I know they were under strike at that time but then after waiting for so long and just making our flight, they sent my luggage to Seville Spain.