In the end, the prophecy turned out to be correct, further reinforcing the supernatural properties the organization seems to possess, as the events within Arkham City, namely Joker's death, enabled Scarecrow to consolidate the criminal underworld into one, massive campaign on Gotham. The suit possessed stronger armour and gauntlets that contained dual blades that could be lit on fire like the Sword of Azrael. He reveals he was sent by the Order of St. Dumas to deliver the prophecy to Batman, claiming he is Gotham's only hope. Jean-Paul Valley was created in a test tube, created with genetic engineering in which they infused human DNA with that of an animal's in order to create a warrior more human than human. Order of St. DumasGotham City Police Department (formerly) Azrael is often depicted in lore as the angel of death and/or retribution. However, if you switch over to Batman, he will be on the same building but in a different position. Azrael then leaves with Vicki Vale saying how Cash has some interesting friendships. Since his childhood, Jean-Paul was psychologically conditioned by his father and the Order to become his father's successor. Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. If the player tries to approach Azrael as Catwoman, he will disappear in a cloud of smoke and not return. To this end, the Order recruited an army veteran and dismissed Gotham police officer, Michael Lane, who suffered a severe breakdown in the wake of his wife, son, and two siblings' deaths, as well as unstable experiments he underwent for a special military program. It aired on May 2, 2016. The organization has dedicated its life to protecting the city for over five centuries, since its formation from a splintered group of the Knights Templar during the Crusades, abducting warriors to be trained as their protectors and slaughter all who are viewed as evil, and hoarding knowledge away by capturing great world thinkers. Azrael is portrayed by James Frain in the second season of Gotham. For countless years, the mantle of Azrael was passed across generations. TeleportationEnhanced Strength, Stamina, and Speed via the Suit of Sorrowspolice and military trained tactician Azrael means "death" in Jewish Tradition and is the name of the Archangel of Death in Abrahamic Faith. Michael Washington Lane was an ex-cop who gained enhanced strength and reflexes after being experimented on by evil scientist, Doctor Hurt. Relative to similar concepts of such beings, Azrael holds a rather benevolent role as … For most of his life, Valley has been brainwashed by "The Sacred Order of St. Dumas", an insidious religious order, who use a strong mental conditioning method referred to as The System. Azrael is an ally of Batman who is on the portable version of LEGO Batman: The Videogame and LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes. Azrael appears in Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. At the Batcomputer in Gotham's Clock Tower, Batman found a microprocessor surgically implanted in Azrael's brain, that was attached to … Originally, he was intended to be part of a program for Police Officers in Gotham City to create replacement heroes for Batman should anything ever happen to him. Born Michael Lane, Azrael was once a police officer based in Gotham City. The Order intended to Jean-Paul to be the next Azrael, a man… Ironically, Azrael himself died during the fall of the angels, which was the result of Metatron's retribution against his brethren. Guilt ridden and dismissed from the force, Lane confessed his crimes to a priest, who was actually an agent of the Order and believed Lane to be an ideal fit for their next warrior. The markers detailed a message, which altered Lane's behavior and motivations subtly, from Azrael's masters to learn everything he can about the Dark Knight in order to effectively kill him when the prophecy came to fruition, making Lane little more than a puppet to the secret society. When you walk in as Bruce Wayne to Arkham City, you can see Azrael on top of the building watching you. Add a photo to this gallery. The first character to assume the identity of Azrael is Jean-Paul Valley, who was introduced in Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 (October 1992) and was created by Denny O'Neil, Joe Quesada, and Peter Milligan. Azrael acts as the deranged agent of the Order, often serving as an ally and enemy to Batman due to his violence, diluted moral-system, and homicidal tendencies. 1 Origins 2 The Three Ghosts of Batman 3 The Order of St. Dumas 4 Knightfall 5 Other Events 6 One Year Later Michael Lane was born on October 22, 1962. However, when Batman learns all of this at Oracle's clock tower, Lane follows him and makes the ultimate choice to believe Batman or give into the Order's manipulation and kill the hero. Batman will test his abilities with simulated AR Challenges with a catch - … Batman realizes that Lane's future as the Bat-Devil is not destiny by choice and he might still be a hero. Batman: Arkham City (Batman #672) The two freed Bruce Wayne from Azrael and Tourne murdered Jean-Paul only for the two to be killed by Bruce who had been driven insane from 30 years of captivity in Jean-Paul's batcave. History Talk (0) Comments Share. He also appears as (either) the deuteragonist or main antagonist of the Most Wanted mission Heir to the Cowl in Batman: Arkham Knight. Bane in anger nearly kills Cash but Azrael jumps to his rescue and defeats Bane by cutting off his venom tank Azrael then calls Cash 'rookie', a nickname his partner Michael Lane used to call him. They are agents of the Order of St. Dumas, an extremist Christian cult that brainwashes soldiers into trained assassins. Completely lost, he is targeted and manipulated by the Joker into seeing himself as the messiah-like vigilante of Azrael who is destined to defeat and usurp the Batman. " Wrath of the Villains: Azrael " is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Gotham. As a result, he becomes the next Batman to avenge Bruce's death. Eventually, Azrael would come to meet Batman who he idolized and wished to act as the successor to, frequently allying himself with the Batman Family in Gotham. To gain the Dark Knight's attention, Azrael ignites flaming bat symbols on rooftops throughout Gotham and proposes to Batman that he must be the one to take his place should Batman die or retire. While the warrior proves his abilities time and time again, Batman and Alfred later learn that his purpose is far more insidious as the secret organization he works for, the Order of St. Dumas, seeks to seize complete control over Gotham and institute Azrael as its new protector. "Azrael" is the nineteenth episode of season two of the crime drama series Gotham, which is based on characters that appear in titles published by DC Comics. Azrael (/ ˈ æ z r i ə l /; Biblical Hebrew: עֲזַרְאֵל ‎, ʿÁzarʾēl; Arabic: عزرائيل ‎, ʿAzrāʾīl orʿIzrāʾīl; Punjabi: ਅਜਰਾਈਲਿ, Ajrā-īl) is the Angel of Death in Islam and some Jewish traditions, and is referenced in Sikhism.. Michael Lane, also known as Azrael, was a policeman turned into a mentally unstable criminal after a failed experiment to make him the "ultimate crime fighter". Azrael is a name given to the champions of the amoral Catholic extremist guild, the Order of St. Dumas. In Batman: Arkham Knight, Azrael was briefly playable in Story Mode during the Most Wanted Mission: \"Heir to the Cowl\". Like her siblings, Azrael serves God. Azrael Only through this method would Lane become close enough to kill Batman and take his place as Gotham's protector. Among its current holders are the Order's sleeper agent Jean-Paul Valley, … The second one is Michael Washington Lane, in Azrael: Death's Dark Knight #1 (May 2009). However, the end results were not what the order had envisioned as Batman himself indeed "burned", but only as a figure of terror in the eyes of criminals after his identity was revealed, as Bruce Wayne lived on and reestablished himself to continue protecting Gotham as a much more terrifying and unseen figure. Michael Lane, or better known as Azrael, is a recurring character in the Batman: Arkham videogame series. Head to the roof marked on the map to confront Azrael, who wishes to become Batman 's successor. Azrael, aka Jean-Paul Valley Jr. (1st Variant) and Michael Lane (2nd Variant), is an ally of Batman. Per Batman's questioning, Azrael continues to wax cryptic messaging in telling him that a great catastrophe will soon befall Gotham and it will cost the Dark Knight dearly in the process. Once captured by Batman, Lane confessed his sins to a priest of the Order of Purity. When Arkham City was announced, the Order knew that the events within the prison would spark a prophecy long foretold in their secret society of Gotham eventually burning, preparing for such a day, and sent Azrael to meet Batman and begin to gain his trust. Jean-Paul continued fighting crime, but it was obvious that the violent nature from "the syste… First Appearance: The Suit of Sorrows will defeat Lane if he does not keep his soul pure. If Lane attempts to kill Batman, the hero will defeat him, destroy his sword, and lock him up in the GCPD. He later resurfaces as the Order of St. Dumas' minion, Azrael. Denny O'NeilJoe QuesadaGrant Morrison Saint Batman's reign would be challenged by a resistence made up of Lady Shiva and Bane's son Tourne who wished to avenge his father's death at the mad zealot's hands. Batman & Robin (1997) Bruce quickly began to train Azrael as a replacement Batman, to protect Gotham City in the event that an emergency should prevent him from doing it himself. The guards try to fight Bane off but are unable to stop him. Batman remains skeptical of Azrael's prophecy, claiming he does not believe in fairy tales, but Azrael holds firm in his belief, telling Batman the message has been given and promises the Dark Knight that they would meet again before vanishing into the night. Azrael Batman does not have a major role in the story but is though to have aided the Justice League in their mission to prevent Brainiac from using the lantern rings to shrink planets into miniature size. Born Michael Lane, Azrael was once a police officer based in Gotham City. Add a photo to this gallery. He also appears as a DLC in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham While escorting the kids Cash forgets a child and when he comes back for her sees his partner burn Azrael’s body. Add a photo to this gallery. It is later revealed that Cash knows Azrael from back when he was a rookie. After the incident it was revealed that Azrael was not the killer and that the real killer had been found dead from a stab wound. Later on, after Batman has saved Cash and the medical team from Riddler, a large amount of inmates attack the church looking for revenge against Quincy Sharp. He appears as the deuteragonist of the side mission Watcher in the Wings in Batman: Arkham City. In this Elseworld story, Jean-Paul Valley is a deranged military-veteran who works as a church janitor in Gotham. The first Azrael in Batman comics was Jean-Paul Valley, a bottle-baby who was genetically engineered with animal DNA by his father, the previous Azrael. He was part of the iniative to create "the ultimate crimefighter" however, this turned Azrael ultimately into a murderer no better than those his fighting against and is even willing to kill Batman to "replace" him as a "better hero". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. General Information As Azrael departed, Alfred informed Batman that he had discovered Azrael's identity as Michael Lane, as well as an irregularity in his physiology. Add a photo to this gallery. Khary Payton. Lane would then don the Suit of Sorrows and the Sword of Sin, sacred artifacts created during the Crusades, becoming known as Azrael, the title given to every individual chosen to don the suit and battle injustice for the Order. Azrael returns to Gotham nine months after Arkham City's closure and the Joker's death and cremation, in the wake of Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight's attack on Gotham City, informing Batman that these events are what the prophecy was referring to. In an attempt to create the perfect successor for Ra's al Ghul, El Penitente spliced genetic traits from animals, world-class athletes and scholars, and Ra’s al Ghul into the fetal clone of the original Jean-Paul Valley, the commander of Ra’s al Ghul's honor guard at the time. Following his return to the mantle of Batman, Bruce Wayne returned the uniform to Jean-Paul to aid in his mental recovery after the psychological breakdown Valley suffered while serving as Bruce Wayne's replacement Batman. As Bruce Wayne is entering Arkham City, Azrael can be seen watching him on a roof top nearby, he vanishes when you get closer to him. ?? Affiliations: In 2009, a miniseries titled Azrael: Death's Dark Knight was produced as a tie-in to the Battle for the Cowl crossover event, with a later regular series.. These Azraels wore mystical armour called the Suit of Sorrows, and wielded the Sword of Sin and the Sword of Salvation. His father was named Mitchell Lane and his mother was named Barbara Lane. Valley was given a job as a security manager at Wayne Enterprises, where he also debuted as part of the selected group of vigilantes. This could suggest that Azrael is fully aware that Bruce Wayne is Batman and if you zoom in on him he will disappear in a cloud of smoke. The Dark Multiverse is a plain of alternate realities which largely revolve around twisted variants of Batman created by the deity Barbatos from Batman's own fears and dark desires. Michael Lane, also known as Azrael, is a superhero that has appeared in various media. Azrael was one of the many angels created by God and Goddess. The program was meant to breed a suitable warrior to replace Batman, but the experiments caused Lane to suffer a psychotic breakdown and begin to target Batman, who eventually neutralized the former officer. He tells how Gotham City will burn, and that Batman is the "warrior" who will save Gotham, but will fall in the process. The episode was directed by Larysa Kondracki with a script written by Jim Barnes and Ken Woodruff. Sir Geoffrey de Cantonna was the first knight to don the Suit of Sorrows for the Order. In the modern day, Ludovic Valley is known to have … Azrael Batman is a variation of Azrael who only appears in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Cash and his partner were investigating a lead to the killings in the order of St Dumas and when they arrived, they had found Azrael, armed with a sword surrounded by scared children. Add a photo to this gallery. Azrael is mantle worn by various individuals throughout history from DC Comics. Batman Forever (1995) He is Chase Meridian's older cousin. If Lane refuses to kill Batman however, he will overcome his masters' control, destroys the sword himself, accepts Batman's hand of friendship, and leaves to neutralize the Order of St. Dumas once and for all, closing the book on the mysteries of Azrael and the Order. Portrayed by: Azrael is a name given to the champions of the amoral Catholic extremist guild, the Order of St. Dumas. Valley was primarily featured between 1992 and 2003, while Lane was the star of a comics series which ran from 2009 to 2011. Depending on which choice he makes, Azrael would either live up to batman's legacy and become a crimefighter or be imprisoned with the same criminals he sought to bring to justice. Once captured by Batman, Lane confessed his sins to a priest of the Order of Purity. Add a photo to this gallery. In the sidequest involving Michael, he is labelled as "The Mysterious Watcher". Batman: The Azrael Series is an animated superhero series based on the DC Characters and developed by Cool Orchid Productions and DC Comics 1 Synopsis 2 Voice Cast 3 Episodes 3.1 Season 1 Jean-Paul Valley Jr. was once trained by become the next Batman by Bruce Wayne until his death alongside all of Batman's classic rogues. Cash's partner then told Cash to get the kids out of the building. His first appearance in the Batman series was in March 2009, in Azrael: Death's Dark Knight no.1. Born Michael Lane, Azrael was once a police officer based in Gotham City. Batman encounters Azrael (birth name is Michael Lane) many times throughout the game, where he gives cryptic statements before disappearing and leaving an ambiguous symbol. He stabs Batman with the Sword of Sin and shows him the two possible futures, one where Azrael is Gotham's savior and one where he is the anti-Christ. Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. He, and all his successors since then were driven insane by it. He was then recruited to "fight evil as their crusader Azrael" while wearing the Suit of Sorrows and using the Sword of Sin. Azrael is the alias of multiple fictional characters appearing in comic books published by in the DC Comics. In one particular instance he murdered the serial-killer Abattoir and willingly allowed several hostages to die in the process. He watches Batman and can be found around the city leaving the Dark Knight cryptic clues. Azrael was an American comic book ongoing series, published by DC Comics based on the character Azrael.The name, inspired by the Judaic Angel of Death, is primarily associated with two characters: Jean-Paul Valley and Michael Lane. His first appearance in the Batman series was in March 2009, in Azrael: Death's Dark Knight no.1. Azrael Jean Paul 4. Cash's partner, thinking he is the killer, tells Azrael to step back when Azrael did not comply, he was shot. This Azrael goes on to break into Arkham Asylum and massacre the patient populace, seeing them as sinners. After Batman had his back broken by Bane, Azrael took on the Batman mantle only to prove himself a psychotic murderer who didn't care about saving the lives of civilians, only in punishing those deemed as sinners. Cash's partner then resigns from the police. Meanwhile the inmates finally break through the first door only to find the second door to be protected by a blast door. However, with the emergence of Batman, the Order knew that the hero would need to be neutralized, especially since they believed his moral code of never killing would spell disaster for the city. At the church, Azrael reveals that he has been sent to observe Batman, believing he is a warrior foretold by an ancient prophecy. When Scarecrow chopped Chase's head off, his psyche was fractured, like Bruce's when his parents where murdered. These armaments were passed from one generation to another since the crusades. Add a photo to this gallery. This treatment drove Michael insane, and lead him to joining the Order of Purity, another splinter group which also called their champions Azrael. Bruce quickly sent Robin to train Azrael as a new vigilante and to control "The System". Michael Washington Lane She was very close to her older brother Lucifer and enjoyed pranking Amenadiel with him. Abilities: Naming the resulting child Jean-Paul V… One of these dark knights is known as St. Batman and is an alternate reality version of Jean-Paul Valley who was never defeated by Bruce after the events of Knightfall and who remained his world's Batman. Lane was once part of an initiative to create "the ultimate crime fighter," however it turned him into a criminal. This version of Azrael appears to be an amalgam of the previous two versions; despite being named as the Michael Lane version of Azrael, his origin story is that of Jean-Paul Valley, with his armor also being a mixture between the two Azraels. All of Azrael's Lego pieces can be unlocked for creating him in the character creation in the console versions of LEGO Batman: The Video Game, while he is an unlockable character in the DS version. Lane was once part of an initiative to create \"the ultimate crime fighter,\" however it turned him into a criminal. After defeating and capturing Bane, Azrael and the rest of the staff fight off the remaining inmates who flee in terror. After the October/November update, Azrael was also playable in the Challenge maps.In both Combat and Predator Mode, Azrael played almost exactly like Batman.